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AI-powered coach that helps teams communicate in a more effective way. Reflect by Alphy® analyzes communication from all angles – ageism, sexism, racism, confidence, sentiment, and more – to make you aware of your words, tone, and speech across all your devices, from desktop to mobile.

Alphy App:

Community-based considerate social media app for advancing women.



A system for improving human-to-human communications in conference calls.

Technology Stack:

  • The web app version of CAMEO is implemented using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. It is compatible with the Google Chrome browser.
  • SimpleWebrtc (an adapter for Web Real-Time Communication framework) is used to connect to the local stream of audio and video, and also to the stream of audio and video from remote peer browsers.
  • Web Audio API is used to analyze the sound for visualization, voice detection, and playing identifying beeps.
  • Web Speech API for using speech synthesizers to give audio cues.
  • Node.js for implementing a signaling server.The signaling server is a server that helps the two browsers to exchange the small amount of information they need to connect to each other in a secure manner.
  • for exchanging messages between peers.


Research in Accessible Voting

RAV research addresses technological opportunities for improving voting for individuals with disabilities throughout the current voting process in the United States. The projects range from solutions that can be implemented with no change to equipment or process, to those that provide direction for next-generation voting systems, with a focus on audio voting, electronic voting interfaces, visual aids for paper ballots, and polling place operations.

Research in Accessible Voting (RAV) was a subcontract of the Research Alliance for Accessible Voting (RAAV) grant from the Election Assistance Commission, led by Dr. Ted Selker . The RAV work was performed at CMU-Silicon Valley and at the Data Democracy Initiative at CITRIS at the University of California Berkeley. New techniques were developed and tested to improve physical, cognitive, and perceptual accessibility of voting. The codebase for RAV projects is currently maintained, and hosted by TechDojo.

To learn more, visit Research in Accessible Voting.


TiempoMeta Mobile Apps give race participants and spectators easy access to results and details of events. The result apps powered by TiempoMeta are developed by Techdojo on behalf of race organizers for their customers. TiempoMeta provides a collection of tools for race organizers and timers based in México.


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Projects we have worked on include a voting app for the US government, video-audio conferencing apps, medical 3D reconstruction software, e-commerce web platforms, and mobile games.


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