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Services we offer

With our expertise in product development, industry-oriented training, and involvement in academia, we provide the following:

Create complex web, desktop, and mobile applications

Manage and mentor software development teams for projects of any scale

Prototype and develop software for startup ideas

Provide training on different technologies and software engineering techniques

Team Management

Our senior engineers and junior developers work together sharing knowledge, expertise and fresh perspectives, both remotely and at office with the latest cloud based collaboration technologies.

Team Creation

For a software project, we maintain small teams of 3-4 engineers with various recognized qualities.

  1. 1) Team Leader (1): With necessary leadership, communication, and social skills, who manages team productivity, and communicates with clients.
  2. 2)Aesthetics (1): Mostly concerned with the user interface, user experience, and look-and-feel aspects of the software.
  3. 3) Programmers (1 – 2): Highly skilled in programming and mainly tasked with the coding and implementation aspect of the development.

Technology Stack

Hire a team of developers today.

About Techdojo

Projects we have worked on include a voting app for the US government, video-audio conferencing apps, medical 3D reconstruction software, e-commerce web platforms, and mobile games.


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